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Hi I'm Colt Larsen from Butte, Wyoming. My family has been in the farming business stretching back to the early 1900's. Nowadays I still see a lot of farmers who don't properly fence in their cattle and pigs and these animals will eventually break these structures apart. On the other hand, feedlot panels like the ones you'll see on my site are a lot more animal-friendly. That's because the metal we use is completely unbreakable. Have a look around my site and feel free to drop me a line anytime.

Types of Wire Fence Panels and Its Applications

The wire fence panels that are most commonly used are welded wire fence panels and decorative wire fence panels, but there are many other types of wire fence panels that do exist. Chain link fencing, although not exactly categorized as wire fence panels are probably the most popular and identifiable wire fencing option. The chain links come in spools, though chain link wire fence panels are also available. Wire fence panels have a variety of uses and can be used for pool fencing, garden fencing, security fencing, decorative fencing or any other application where an affordable fencing option is required. Welded wire fence panels are ideal for security fencing as well and the wire fence panels can be made in order to fit any specific fencing configuration.

Decorative wire fence panels are available in a number of different shapes and sizes and they can be painted to fit any theme. They are commonly used around pools and playgrounds in view of the fact that they are useful in keeping small children either in or out of a certain area and looks appealing at the same time. Typically, wire fence panels are made from a fairly thicker gauge wire in order to make the fence structure sturdier. The painting of the wire fence panels is not carried out with paint at all, instead wire panels are sprayed with a PVC coating that provides protection to the panel from rust and corrosion. Wire fence panels can also be galvanized using zinc in order to prevent oxidation.

Thin wire fence panels can be made use of for garden fencing or other minor applications. Some wire fence panels do not need fence posts to be installed into concrete footings given that the fence is not intended to be weight bearing. Garden fencing is generally constructed in order to avoid animals from entering the garden and feeding on the plants, so the need for the fence structure to be very strong is not a requisite. If bigger animals are a problem, thicker wire fence panels can be used and installed together with posts into concrete footings for added steadiness.

Wire fences are also frequently used in industrial settings to outline a boundary around the building structure or to create a restricted work area within a factory or a warehouse. The wire fence panels are also useful in keeping people away from hazardous equipment or machines, or to prevent large pieces of debris from falling out of an enclosed area. Even farms and ranches make use of wire fence panels in order to contain farm animals.

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