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Hi I'm Colt Larsen from Butte, Wyoming. My family has been in the farming business stretching back to the early 1900's. Nowadays I still see a lot of farmers who don't properly fence in their cattle and pigs and these animals will eventually break these structures apart. On the other hand, feedlot panels like the ones you'll see on my site are a lot more animal-friendly. That's because the metal we use is completely unbreakable. Have a look around my site and feel free to drop me a line anytime.

How to Build a Fence with Cattle Panels

Cattle panels are one of the most versatile and resourceful panels that today’s rancher can own. Cattle panels are exceptionally useful, easy to move from one place to another, simple to store and its assembly is also carried out with no difficulty. Cattle panels have a number of varied applications and can be used for everything from building stalls and the construction of round pens and fences, which makes for an attractive and cost effective method to hold any livestock on your property. In this article, we will talk about how you can use cattle panels to build a fence.

To begin with, draw a layout of how and where you want to build your fence. Take measurements with the help of a measuring tape of at least 100 foot long of the area where you wish to build the fence on. On a large piece of paper, write down where you want the cattle panels fencing to be laid out. Take into account the buildings and shelters that are currently in the proposed area and also take into consideration the length of each cattle panel or the size of cattle panels you wish to install for your new enclosure.

Using surveyor tape and sticks, mark the location where the proposed fence will be constructed and where you wish to lay down the cattle panels. You must bear in mind the general length of the cattle panels that are being used. Also, remember that the cattle panels will not be coming into contact with each other most of the time, in view of the fact that you may have a distance of about 2 to 6 inches between the ends of each panel.

You can now go and purchase the cattle panels required to build the enclosure. Your local feed supply store or a farm equipment store may have the cattle panels that you need. Alternatively, if you know of any locals that make cattle panels, you could also give them a visit in order to purchase the cattle panels.

The smaller cattle panels can easily be installed by hand. However, if you want the more temporary panels to be made permanent, you can install fence posts between each panel and make use of fencing wire to secure each panel to the post. For cattle panels that are much larger in size, use a tractor with a front-end loader in order to transport them from one place to another. Finally, attach any gates that may be required to be attached to these panels and then let the livestock into the enclosure once everything is secured, chained up and properly reinforced.

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