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Hi I'm Colt Larsen from Butte, Wyoming. My family has been in the farming business stretching back to the early 1900's. Nowadays I still see a lot of farmers who don't properly fence in their cattle and pigs and these animals will eventually break these structures apart. On the other hand, feedlot panels like the ones you'll see on my site are a lot more animal-friendly. That's because the metal we use is completely unbreakable. Have a look around my site and feel free to drop me a line anytime.

Welded Wire Panels Technology at Its Best!

One of the best fencing options you can find today are the welded wire panels. Welded wire panels are made using the highest quality of low carbon steel wire. Welded wire panels are typically in a mesh configuration designed to contain livestock. Welded wire fence panels come in a variety of different designs and strengths. Welded wire panels are versatile and have a number of applications. They are more commonly used to construct enclosures for livestock and farm animals. Welded wire panels are ideal to contain animals and also prevent unwanted intruders and at the same time enhance the beauty of your property.

Farm equipment stores can provide you with welded wire panels designed to fit your specific type of property for farm animals. The welded wire panels may be made of galvanized steel and are categorized by various sizes and configuration of the holes in the mesh. Horse panels have square holes from top to bottom. On the other hand, cattle panels are similar to horse panels, however they have a smaller grid size. The net for hog panels is oval at the bottom where the intersecting wires are closer together and becomes square as it makes its way to the top where the interconnected wires are further apart. Several fencing companies can also provide custom-made wire fence panels to suit exotic applications such as farming ostriches or running a wildlife rehabilitation facility.

Wire mesh panels are also used in an industrial setting where they serve the purpose of fencing the equipment and machines in factories. The most appropriate welded wire panels for this purpose would be the electro-galvanized welded wire panels. Welded wire panels are also frequently used in industrial settings to set a boundary around the building structure or to create a confined work space within a factory or a warehouse. The welded wire panels are also useful in keeping people away from hazardous equipment or machines, or to prevent large pieces of debris from falling out an enclosed area.

Welded wire panels can also be used to decorate your garden area. There are welded wire panels available with a PVC coating which is the best for decorative purposes. PVC coating provides protection to the panel from rust and corrosion. Some of the benefits of welded wire panels with PVC coating is that they offer a strong adhesive value and anti-corrosion support.

A Guide to Purchasing Cattle Panels

In order to keep your farm animals in the field, you should consider purchasing cattle panels for sale and installing them around your farm or ranch. Cattle panels for sale are made up of strong materials that withstand the pressure of larger and more aggressive animals leaning up against them. Several ranches and farms make use of cattle panels for sale they have been found to be extremely effective in order to contain cattle, horses as well as sheep in the field. The strength of the cattle panels for sale meant for sheep farms are less sturdy in strength as compared to the cattle panels used for horses and cows.

Cattle panels for sale can be purchased at a home supply store. Manufacturers will also be able to provide you with cattle panels for sale. In addition to that, your local feed supply store or a livestock or farm equipment store may have the cattle panels for sale available. Alternatively, if you know of any locals that make cattle panels, you could also give them a visit in order to purchase the cattle panels for sale. Cattle panels for sale are available in a different styles, designs and colors and are extremely cost-effective.

Horses are known to be aggressive animals and if a single horse in the field finds a way out through a weak fence, then the others are likely to follow in view of the fact that they are herd animals. Cattle panels for sale, can help to avoid such a situation since they are strong and will not bend, break, rupture or pop out of place when a horse pushes against them, unlike other fences. When you purchase cattle panels for sale, you can pretty much guarantee that your horses are going to be secure.

Cattle can also cause damage to the fence and escape from their enclosures, but by purchasing cattle panels for sale, you can prevent this from happening. It is recommended by manufacturers who provide cattle panels for sale that you have the cattle panels installed by hiring the services of a professional rather than setting up the fencing yourself due to the size and weight of the panels. You must also ensure that you purchase cattle panels for sale that come with a long-term guarantee. For goats, sheep and other small farm animals, you can purchase cattle panels for sale and install them on your own since they are lighter, less expensive and easier to set up than the ones used for cows and horses.